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This is the most common type of septic system that people are familiar with (hence, Conventional). Conventional Septic Systems are identified by names like: Conventional, Overflow, and Leach Field System. A standard “conventional” septic tank system is a gravity fed septic system containing three main parts; the septic tank, drainfield and soil.

  • The Septic Tank – the purpose is to separate solids from wastewater. It also stores and partially decomposes as much solid’s as it can allow the effluent (liquids) to pass through to the drainfield.
  • The Drainfield – is where effluent is discharged and known as an absorption or leach field. It is a network of pipes laid in trenches or beds.
  • The Soil – provides final treatment and disposal of effluent in the septic tank. After the wastewater (effluent) has passed into the soil, organisms in the soil treat the effluent before it enters ground or surface water. The type of soil used in a septic system impacts the effectiveness of the drainfield

Which system should I install? Standard or Aerobic Septic System?
Our experienced and trained staff at North Texas Septic can help you choose which type of septic system is best for your property. One of our technicians will come out and give you a custom quote and answer any questions you may have regarding septic tank systems and where it should be located on your property.

We are dedicated to helping our customers be the owners of a well maintained septic system. “A septic system that has been treated kindly will treat you kindly in return.”



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RID-X usage. Not recommended.
Quote from their website:
“Sludge in large quantities can be eliminated by only a professional pumper. You should have a pumper inspect your system to determine if the accumulation of solid waste is too high and needs to be removed. You should not inspect the tank yourself since the gasses that accumulate in the tank can be lethal.” If you are concerned with the levels of sludge in your septic tank call North Texas Septic and schedule a service call for a certified technician to visit your house and personally check your sludge levels. Please call 682-225-2768.


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