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Should I have my septic tank pumped?
North Texas septic does not pump sludge from septic systems. However We highly recommend B&B Pumping. B&B has proven time and again that they are committed to quality and honest service.

B&B Pumping(817) 270-4167

It is recommended that you pump your septic tank every three to five years to prevent short-circuiting of the treatment process.

Someone will need to be at home to pay the pumping company if you do not make prior arrangements with them, such as leaving a check in a pre-arranged place or pre-paying by credit card. Keep the record of pumping, given to you by B&B, for future reference.

You will need to turn the electricity to your air compressor off at the breaker in the outside alarm box before the system is pumped. The air compressor can be damaged by not having “back pressure” on the compressor. After the sludge is pumped, Fill the aeration tank with water from an external source BEFORE the electricity is turned back on to the compressor. If you turn the compressor on before the aeration tank is filled with water, there is a chance the air compressor will malfunction. B and B pumping can show you which tank is the aeration tank. When you hear the water from the aerobic tank begin to spill into the pump tank, you can be sure the aeration tank is full. Do not fill the tanks up from running water inside your house – if you do, you use much more water than you need to because you have to fill up the pre-treatment (trash) tank before water can begin to fill the aeration tank. DON’T FORGET TO TURN THE AERATOR BACK ON!!!!!!



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