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The term service contract is more appropriately called monitoring agreement. NTS can be contracted to monitor your septic system. If repairs are needed we can perform those also, usually at an additional cost. Please see the Repairs section for further information. North Texas Septic employees are certified by the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality and the manufacture of your septic system, to perform all aspects of septic system inspection and maintenance.

The state requires that aerobic treatment plants utilizing surface application, sprinklers to dispose of the wastewater, to have a maintenance contract. This contract is designed to protect you, your neighbors and the environment from untreated wastewater being disposed of onto your lawn. The state requires a minimum of 3 inspections per year. Some jurisdictions, the Tarrant Regional Water District TRWD, requires 4 inspections per year. The inspections are generally conducted on months 4, 8 and 12, from the contract start date. If your jurisdiction requires 4 inspections per year they are conducted at months 3, 6, 9 and 12, from the contract start date.

If switching to NTS from another provider or your current contract has lapsed and you would like someone to check your system please let the office know to schedule an extra visit.

Commercial aerobic units that use surface application require the same amount of inspections however they require additional water testing. This can all be done by the maintenance providers at NTS. NTS services many commercial septic systems. Secondary to our proven success in aerobic maintenance NTS is on contract with several oil and gas companies to perform their septic system maintenance.

We at North Texas Septic work very closely with the manufacture of your septic system to provide you with up to date craftsmanship and a quality of work shadowed by none.

What to expect during an inspection

  • If you have mean dogs or locked gates we can contact you the day before the scheduled inspection. The inspector performing your inspection will call you.
  • The inspector will travel to your house and notify you that he is there.
  • He will then proceed to your septic system and begin his inspection.
  • All the alarms are checked for proper function, both visual and audio are checked.
  • The control box is checked for any faulty wiring and corrosion and proper mounting.
  • The air compressor that “feeds” the aerobic unit is checked for proper function, excess heat, ants and rodents.
  • The air compressor filter is cleaned or replaced.
  • The aerobic unit is checked for proper aeration, sludge and scum build up, the color of the active bacteria and any “out of the ordinary smells.”
  • The chlorine supply is checked to assure that there is chlorine. If none is visible in your chlorine tube we will add half a tablet to keep your system 100%. This allows you time to add chlorine to the system.
  • The pump tank and its various components are checked. The pump is checked for proper pressure and scum build up. The HWA, high water alarm, is check for proper operation. The scum and sludge levels are checked. If this tank is concrete the tank is checked for deterioration and cracks. If the tank is fiberglass it is checked for structural stability and cracking.
  • The sprinklers are checked by a NTS inspector manually activating the water pump. The direction and function are noted. The color, purple, is also noted. A purple sprinkler head signifies the water emitting from it is reclaimed waste water.
  • Any ants or deficiencies are noted and annotated onto the appropriate form.
  • The recommendation for pumping is also annotated. Please see pumping section for questions about pumping your system and who to call.
  • The form is signed by the inspector and a copy left at the residence. The inspector should make an attempt to contact you, however during business hours most people are not home. The inspector will leave the copy of the form in the door or mailbox or your residence.
  • NTS will then compile the information and send it to the appropriate agency. NTS keeps all records of inspections should you need copies in the future.
  • Any questions or repair requests should be directed to the office.
  • With the majority of our customers having internet access and email accounts, we can conduct all business via email to include contracts, reports and service call requests.



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Download a copy of a Septic System Maintenance Record to keep up with your system's maintenance.

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